Don’t Call it a Come Back


When I first started Mtlgraff as a blog spot in 2009 it was to showcase local Montreal graffiti that I was documenting for the purposes of my undergraduate and graduate university work and research. By that time I had been documenting the local scene for several years and I had amassed a large amount images and data that I wanted to do something more with. So the blog was an easy platform to to do this and to give a little something back to those who were gracious enough to let me into their world to learn and experience the city from an alternative point of view. I stopped updating the blog in 2014 because of the need to focus more on my developing doctoral research at Concordia University and continued to post only on social media when I found the time. All the while I never stopped documenting the local subculture as well as those abroad.

My documentation and work have put me in touch with many writers and artists in and around Montreal and have also brought me to other cities and countries where I have met an incredible and deeply committed group of people from a wide spectrum of practices and professions. I have shared many adventures and missions with them all and I hope to bring some of those stories to this new platform. None of this would have been possible with out the trust, good will, and friendships of those who have given me the opportunity to share time and experiences with, so it is to them that I dedicate this site to.

Outside of archiving the old blog I will work to transfer that content to this platform, and update any previous postings with additional text and/or images where relevant. Expect to see images of the Montreal scene, but also of the many other cities, places, people, and cultures. As well, I also hope to develop more serious discussions through this website on the developing worlds of graffiti, street art, and muralism in Montreal and the across the globe. The art world is an ever evolving one which continues to surprise and amaze me with every step I take in and through it.

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